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Whether it's for strollers and little legs, wheelchairs or walkers, our church building was designed and built to be accessible for a variety of physical needs. You won't find stairs to access our building or as you enter our sanctuary, cafĂ©, or gym. 

Don't want to miss a word or a note of the worship service? Let us help you out! Our sanctuary is outfitted with a T Loop system and our Sound Techs would be happy to assist you. 

Contact our Church Office to learn more about getting a ride to our worship service on Sunday mornings. There's a seat for you!

Because we know how precarious it can be to walk on ice and snow in the winter, we've installed a snow-melt system at our main entrance. 

While we desire to break down barriers to make our worship and church life available to all, we know we can always do better. Got an idea? A suggestion? An experience we can learn from and do differently? Please reach out and share with us!