Week 6


  1. Read Acts 12:1-2.  Throughout history Christians have been persecuted for their faith.  Give examples of the persecuted church today.  Does it look the same in the United States as it does in other countries?

  2. Read Acts 12:24.  What happens when the enemy tries to “shut-down” Christ’s church?

  3. Read Acts 13:1-3.  Barnabas and Saul were “set apart for the work” to which God called them.  Read the following passages which describe the gifts that are given to believers for the work of the church. As believers we find that our gifts may change several times during our lifetime as God calls us to different seasons of ministry.  Look at the following passages?  How is the spirit gifting you for such a time as this? What does it mean to you that God has “set you apart” to do his work?
  1. 1 Corinthians 12

  2. Romans 12:3-8


  1. Read Acts 14:1-4.  Paul and Barnabas spoke boldly for the Lord who enabled them to do miraculous signs and wonders in the face of the scoffers.  Think of a time when the Spirit enabled you to be bold for the Lord.  Has the Spirit ever enabled you to demonstrate the power of God in ways that surprised you?

  2. Read Acts 14:19-20. Paul was beat up and thrown out of towns several times for sharing the Gospel message yet  he would get up and return to the place God had called him.  Often, if we are met with opposition or our message falls on deaf ears, we decide to quit – to go another direction.  What lesson can we learn from Paul?  How did he know to go back and keep trying?

  3. Read Acts 16:13-15. Lydia was a Gentile woman of independence and wealth who dealt with royalty. She bowed to the God of Israel even before the Gospel arrived and then readily accepted Paul’s message of Jesus. Perhaps the values and lifestyle of God followers were attractive to someone who lived in a much different culture.  What do you think is attractive about the Gospel message and Christ’s Church in these times in which we live? What do you think is a turn-off?

  4. Acts 20:22-24. Paul was warned by the Holy Spirit that he would face hard ships yet he was willing to “finish the race.”  What hardships have you faced because of your beliefs?  What keeps you going or has it been easier to just give up?

  5. Acts 20:28.  What is the role of church leaders?  How can you help them?