Week 4


  1. Read Acts 4: 1-4.  Those that oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ become disturbed when Christ’s Church becomes “noisy”.  Recall a time when the Church was publicly opposed in the media.  What was the Church’s response?

  2. The Church is persecuted throughout the world – not only in third world countries.  What does persecution look like in 2020 in the USA?

  3. Read Acts 4:5-12.  What were the Jewish officials afraid of?  Why is the Gospel a threat to those who oppose it?

  • Who is the source of true healing?


  1. Read Acts 4:13-17.  When the officials realized that Peter and John were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished.  What enabled them to be so bold in confronting the Jewish officials? 


  • Have you ever experienced  a boldness that could only be explained by the Holy Spirit?  Explain.

  • What did the officials feel they had to do in response to the powerful message of Jesus?

  1. Read Acts 4:18-22. Peter and John could not help speaking about what they had seen and heard.  The Holy Spirit often compels us to do something outside of our comfort zone.  Give an example of a time when you felt “compelled” to do something.

  • The Holy Spirit also protects believers.  What was the Jewish officials’ final response to the work of Peter and John?  Have you ever witnessed the Holy Spirit at work in causing your “opponent” to back down?
  1. Read Acts 4:23-31. What did Peter and John due upon their release?  What did they pray for?

  • What do you find in this passage that models what church leaders should demonstrate?  What should leaders be asking God for?
  1. Read Acts 4:32-37.   Is the Church today of one heart and mind?  Do we share “everything” we have?  How?