Youth Group

Sunday Nights 
Middle School and High School 5-8pm


We are so excited for fall! We’re looking forward to gathering together for a new season of community and growth.

Youth Group: Sunday 5PM-8PM

Our combined Middle and High School Youth Group meets on Sundays from 5PM-8PM. This time is broken into three segments – Connection, Community, and Conversation.

Our Connection time breaks the youth into small groups where they play together, relax together, and dig into a discussion prompt for the night as they get to know each other better.

Community time is our middle hour – a time for games, for dinner, and for song! This is a time the whole youth group is together, even if we have divided during the other segments.

Our Conversation time is dedicated to teaching scripture, discussing tough questions, and spending time in prayer as a group.

We need volunteers! Do you want to help plan meals? Be a mentor to a Middle or High School Small Group? Talk to Pastor Phil today!


Midweek: Wednesday 6PM-7:45PM

We will continue to hold Wednesday Night dinners and programs for all ages. This is a great time to get to know people in the Trinity Family, worship God, study the Bible together, or serve in one of our minstries! Come check it out starting September 12!


Fall Calendar 2018

September 9                 November 4
September 16               November 11               
September 24               November 16 – Lock In! (6:30pm - Pickup Sunday after church - No Sunday Night)
September 30               November 25 – No Youth Group
October 7                       December 2
October 14                     December 9
October 21                     December 16
October 28                   
See you in 2019!