Wednesday Family Night

Thank you all for a wonderful year of Travelers! Thank you to all our great volunteers!  We will resume all these great activities in the fall of 2018. 

We are excited to annoucne the start-up of our Wednesday Nights this year.
There are opportunities for all ages to engage after dinner! 
From elementary programs  to intergenerational groups to
service opportunities and choir, there is something for everyone!
These opportunities will be different each quarter, so it’s always
a great time to jump in and join the fun. 
Hope to see you there!


Served from 6:00 to 6:30pm.
Come join us for a home cooked meal!  
Then go deeper in one of these options:



For those not yet in Kindergarten.
Playtime and stories will point our youngest friends toward the love of Jesus. 



For kids in grades K-5.
Join us for Bible stories, activities, and fun crafts as we follow Jesus together! 


Too old for those? 
Dive in to one of these quarterly offerings:


Bible Study 

Come and share with others as we dig deeper into God's Word.  
Everyone is welcome and advance preparation is not necessary for you to engage in this study. 



Open to all who would like to use their 
musical gifts in worship at Trinity!



Musical, dramatic, relational… whatever your gift, we’d love you to come be a part of the fun! 
We also need helping hands for dinner, 
cleanup, and our Little Lambs team. 
Commit one quarter at a time 
and go deeper with God’s Word 
and your family here at Trinity Church!